PC Health and Security Packages

Penetangtech is proud to announce Managed Services!

What are Managed Services? What we offer is a complete IT solution for your business, this includes a full suite of managed security and proactive monitoring to catch potential issues before they become a problem. We take care of all the setup and maintenance so you can focus on growing your business. It’s our job to ensure your managed anti virus and web protection are both functioning and up to date.

Stay Safe! So we have a great managed anti virus and web protection solution in place but there is another avenue for infections and malware to spread. What else can there be you ask? Out of date software. All too often we are busy and just ignore the notifications about a new Windows updates or Adobe update, this puts your systems at risk. Not if you are being cared for by Penetangtech. We apply these updates at a time that does not interfere with your daily tasks.

Help me! Something broke! No problem. We have a handy help desk system to track these problems. All it takes is a few clicks to open a ticket and explain what the problem is. Our technicians will see the ticket right away and can take the appropriate steps to fix the issue. Of course we have phone and email support as well if you prefer.

We try to prevent as many problems as possible, even before you may know there is a problem. Due to our robust remote monitoring software we can see reports from your computers that help us determine the overall health. Alerts are sent to us when things out of the ordinary happen such as when a failing hard drive is detected or if a critical Windows service is taking too long or fails to start.

When prevention is not enough we are able to remotely connect to your computer and correct any problems that have been reported. A technician is also available to come into your business when remote support is not the best option.

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